About The Hungry Hungry Lawyers

We are The Hungry Hungry Lawyers. We are Chris and John. We live in or around Rochester, Minnesota. We know certain things really well. In particular, we know the law, and we know food. Thus, our blog is focused on food and law in and around Rochester, Minnesota. 

We work at Dunlap & Seeger P.A. Our firm has a long history in Rochester. We don't advertise much. So you won't see us on billboards or with large spreads in the phone book. With 23 attorneys, our firm's marketing strategy is pretty simple: get to know your community, and they'll get to know you. 

One way to get to know your community is eating with them. And with appetites like ours, we eat at least a few times a day. We like to eat with our clients. Our clients are individuals, businesses, non-profits and governments like you all across southern Minnesota. 

As lawyers, our job is to speak the truth [hold the laughter]. We have come here to spread the truth about delectable gems gracing menus in our region and to introduce you to some of the area’s best kept food secrets…. 

We will also offer juicy nuggets of legal knowledge. 

Contact us (Chris and/or John) for food or legal advice.