Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Minnesota Bankruptcy Filing Statistics

The Minnesota Bankruptcy Court publishes bankruptcy filing statistics specific to our state.  You can see the dramatic increase in bankruptcy filings over the past five years.

Bankruptcy Basics

Bankruptcies are still booming.  Our federal courts have created a nice website (with videos) that explains the basics of bankruptcy law.  It's a useful website for anyone considering bankruptcy or a creditor who has been affected by a bankruptcy.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Bump in Rochester Residential Real Estate Transactions?

The Post-Bulletin ran an article regarding an increase home sales in the Rochester area.  Historically, Rochester's economy has been protected by low unemployment thanks to Mayo and IBM.   Is Rochester's home sale increase an indicator of a continued national recovery?  Or is this rather a product of Rochester's protective bubble?

Furst on Best Fried Fish in Rochester and Southeast Minnesota

Here's a post by Jay Furst of the Rochester newspaper Post-Bulletin sharing his thoughts on the best fried fish in Rochester and southeast Minnesota.

Notably, I think the list is missing the famous Byron, Minnesota Knights of Columbus fish fry offered during Lent.

Benefits of Bankruptcy

Here is an interesting snippet by a California bankruptcy attorney regarding the benefits of bankruptcy law.  Dunlap & Seeger, P.A. has an experienced and thriving bankruptcy practice, representing individuals, businesses, commercial creditors, and banks in all aspects of bankruptcy.  It a major part of my practice.

Monday, April 11, 2011

$10 Pescara Menu @ Top of Rochester's Best Lunch Options

A short list of Rochester, Minnesota's best lunch options absolutely includes Pescara, located in the Doubletree Hotel in downtown Rochester. Though Pescara's regular menu, loaded with fantastic fresh fish options remains available for lunch, one doesn't need to SHOULD NOT look further than the $10 lunch specials offered every day.

Old standby favorites from the $10 menu include the Ahi tuna burger (pictured above) and the steak sandwich.  The tuna burger is topped with fresh ginger and a wasabi aioli that will keep you coming back; the tender, MEGA steak sandwich will feed you for another meal or two, so long as you are able to overpower any temptation to eat the other half back in your office later the same afternoon.  You can't go wrong with the daily fish taco & soup combo either. 

Try any of these recommendations with sweet potato fries on the side...or, for an additional charge, order a side of lobster bisque, mushroom risotto or lobster mac & cheese.  And for you adventurous types, don't forget to request the house Bang Bang sauce on the side.

Added bonus to this affordable & delicious lunch is that the knolwedgeable, appropriately attentive service you'll receive from Pescara's friendly servers easily ranks among the best you'll encounter anywhere in Rochester.